PAAV Author to speak at 20th Annual Charter Oak Conference

Author Brian T. Maurer is slated to speak at the 20th Annual Charter Oak Conference, to be held this year at the Hotel Viking in Newport, Rhode Island, March 26 – 30, 2007.

Maurer, a practicing Physician Assistant, will deliver a talk entitled “Something of Value: Patients Are a Virtue” at the Connecticut Association of Physician Assistants annual meeting at noon on Tuesday, March 27, 2007.

Maurer’s presentation will include insights from his 28 years of practice in pediatric medicine, crafted in his recently-released book, Patients Are a Virtue.

“Psychologists tell us that it is quite natural for us as human beings to pause periodically to take stock of our lives, to survey the road we have traveled, perhaps in part to peer around the next curve to learn what lies ahead. It is our nature to attempt to bring some order to the chaos of life—to make sense of where we have come, and to see where we are going.

“One morning several years back, I awoke to find that I had achieved the dubious honor of counting myself half a century old. These days I find myself thinking about my chosen career path, revisiting the reasons I had desired a life of medical practice, and rehashing the ups and downs of my professional training and years of service.

“We learn the practice of medicine through the complex process of integrating knowledge and skills with wisdom and insight in our interaction with the patient. Although the medical record forms a composite history of the patient’s illness; for the clinician, it may be the illness narrative that ultimately imparts some degree of healing to both practitioner and patient alike.”

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