Announcing the publication of “Village Voices”

Brian T. Maurer is pleased to announce the publication of his latest book, Village Voices. In this new collection of tales, Maurer captures life in a New England village, where everybody has a story to tell.

“Old Bill, who made a living trapping muskrat and beaver along the river, and Miss Pritchard, who worked her way up to a management position at the Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company, are gone now, along with a host of other folks from that era—but their stories remain. I’ve added some of them to the pot, stirring them in with my own, and let them simmer over the years before serving them up for my readers to savor.”

“Some of us are on the move; some of us stay put. Some are just starting out, trying their wings, while others are on their last legs, coming home to say good-bye. The birds still sing every spring down along the forest path that runs by the river, where it meanders through the hairpin curve on its way down through the gorge, eventually becoming one with the sound and the sea beyond.”

Interested readers can view a brief description of the work, peruse a preview of the text, and order a copy online here.

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