A good friend from Arizona writes: “I think we should throw away our cars, most of the medicines and technology we have, ride bicycles, grow vegetables, forget the insane work schedules, subsist and be happy. Oh, and read books.”

Last weekend my wife and I took our granddaughter to the 4th annual EGGS-STOCK concert. The gathering was held on a local farm. You’d recognize the name as a derivation of the 1969 rock concert held in Woodstock, NY. Originally, the idea was to raise awareness (and money) to save this local farm. (The farm has been placed in the community land trust. Although it can be sold, the land can never be developed—it must remain as farmland in perpetuity.)

The event was not nearly as big as Woodstock was, of course. Two bands played on a sound stage through the hot afternoon. The female vocalist in the second band, Lori McKenna, is becoming a recognized recording artist. She’s produced five albums to date; three of her songs were recorded by Faith Hill, one of which—“Stealing Kisses”— she sang as part of her afternoon repertoire. Ms. McKenna lives in Stoughton, Massachusetts, with her husband of 20 years and their five children.

In addition to the music venue, there were a number of booths run by local conservation groups and vendors. They had pony rides for the kids and wagon rides for families. It took my granddaughter some time to work up enough nerve to sit up on the pony, but she finally did. I sang Neil Young’s “Hello Cowgirl in the Sand” to her as she beamed from the saddle, her small feet tucked tightly into the stirrups.

I imagine that, all told, several hundred people came out for the event—somewhat surprising, as it was an extremely hot, humid day.

A number of portly men sporting thin grey hair pulled back in pony-tails sauntered about on the grassy knoll, most assuredly reliving a few poignant moments from their youth, when they had only their freedom and their dreams ahead of them, just as we once did.


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