The power of poetry

Many times a poem begins with observation—a sudden awareness of a situation that unfolds before the poet’s eye and grows in his mind.  Slowly, he steeps it in a large cerebral cauldron, adds some spice to the mix and boils it down. Gradually, (if he is lucky) his concoction will take on a rich distinctive flavor of its own. A dash of insight might be required to bring out the final taste.

Powers of Ten

We magnify the universe
And scrutinize the atom,
Record for better—or for worse—
The knowledge that we fathom.

We peer through interstellar space
With polished Hubble’s eye
To calculate our humble place—
But fail to question why.

Through microscopic lens the light
Reveals the tiny thread
Of tissues, cells or cancerous blight:
What message have we read?

As tunes to every atom spun,
As music to the spheres,
As harmony blends parts in one,
Would we incline our ears?

Though I might ponder galaxies,
Or muons, quarks and flavour;
Of maximums and minimums—
It’s poetry I savor.

2010©Brian T. Maurer


6 comments on “The power of poetry

  1. D. S. Mullis says:

    I was watching Pride and Prejudice for the umteenth time and decided to see if would give me anything under “the power of poetry”… and your Marginal Notes: The Power of Poetry came up!

    Love your comparison/analogy of a poem’s beginning!

    It seems befitting to describe the essence of my book of inspirational poetry, The “Spicer” of Life … You can view some of its contents at or on my facebook under Donna Mullis.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you made my night!!

    D. S. Mullis, Poet/Author
    Pooler, Ga., USA

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