Humane Medicine — Telling It Slant

Emily Dickinson advised us to tell all the truth but tell it slant.  In difficult clinical situations, telling it slant might be the best way to approach the healing truth that sets the sufferer free.

Interested readers can now access my latest Humane Medicine column, Telling it slant: Using poetry as a venue for healing, recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.


One comment on “Humane Medicine — Telling It Slant

  1. ~ t says:

    You told the truth Sir, with no slant, unless you count
    a poet’s thoughts, applied to “modern” problems.

    Formal teaching skills are just that: A formality you’ve
    already mastered, and then some.

    Catholic Priests could benefit from your message.
    (Or at least their PR department would).

    You’ve got a skill(and gift)for healing people ….

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