“Notes from a Healer” — A Singular Twist

“You’d better go to see this kid right away,” the medical assistant told me. “He’s acting kind of odd.”

I know this medical assistant well. She’s been working at our office almost as long as I have. I took her at her word and dashed into the room.

I found a 6-year-old boy sitting on the exam table, his mother standing by his side, her eyes wide open, filled with tears. I’ve known this mother since she was a little girl. She comes from a dysfunctional family, but she’s a survivor. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. Usually she’s pleasant, calm, in control. But here she was falling apart before my eyes.  more»

My latest installment of Notes from a HealerA Singular Twist — is now online, newly published in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an online clearinghouse for manuscripts dealing with the humanities and medicine. Interested readers can access a list of editorial board members and regular contributors here.


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