Today the river called me, Come

Today the river called me, Come,
My counterpane’s spread white:
A frozen mold
Formed by the cold
Of winter’s icy blight.

Today the river called me, Come,
Let chores and toil rest;
Browse through my book,
Come close to look
At nature’s wintry vest.

But ice was on the doorstep
And further down the drive;
I laced my boot—
Lips pursed and mute—
Determined to survive.

I spent the morning, afternoon,
And part of eventide
Chipping ice and clearing snow
Opening the paths that flow
Around on either side.

Today the river called me, Come,
Don’t waste this precious day!
The winter snow
Won’t last, although
For now it’s on display.

Today the river called me, Come—
I hovered close to home;
I made my choice,
Ignored her voice,
And turned my heart to stone.

2011©Brian T. Maurer


3 comments on “Today the river called me, Come

  1. David Elpern says:

    Redolent of Goethe and Emily Dickinson. A fine poem, great images. I will go down to the river today, briefly, at your “suggestion” — We all have miles to go before we sleep. D

  2. td says:

    That image does the words scant justice; but the
    experience matches your poetic painting perfectly.

  3. --dave says:

    Well told, well forewarned, and a good meter redolent of that a-b-c-c-b iambic tetrameter I like such as *In Xanadu did Kubla Khan* which also involves an exalted, appealing riparian Siren. A welcome tale of a clean crisp white day in these depths of winter…

    I hope not to have to wait until the next season for another, but hope you enjoy what this one has to offer, first.

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