Minding your grammar

While perusing articles on health care in the medical literature as well as in the lay press, I frequently run across the misnomer “physician’s assistant.” What the author really means, of course, is “physician assistant,” the established nomenclature for our profession.

Does that crucially placed terminal “apostrophe s” really matter? Apparently so, according to a recent New York Times article on IBM’s master computer, Watson.  more»

One comment on “Minding your grammar

  1. td says:

    “Apostrophe s” implies possession, as apposed to a human professional position. The “s” will be true quite soon, as computers will become “cybernetic assistants”,
    worthy of that very “s” at issue.

    Of course it’s disturbing to think a computer could ever replace a Human … but that’s our future, for better or worse.

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