A litany of symptoms solved

If you are an avid reader of medical narratives, you may have come across Dr. Lisa Sanders’ invitation to participate in solving the diagnostic dilemma of a 76-year-old woman suffering from chronic weakness, fatigue and mood swings posted in yesterday’s New York Times.

Over 500 readers, both lay and medically trained, weighed in on the differential diagnosis over the course of the day.  I submitted my two cents as comment #358.

The resolution of the case appears in today’s Times at this link.

You can read my final thoughts about the clinical case presentation here.

Hats off to Dr. Lisa Sanders and Times columnist Tara Parker-Pope for putting together this thought-provoking diagnostic exercise!


2 comments on “A litany of symptoms solved

  1. td says:

    With so many “universal symptoms”, it’s easy to understand why the diagnosis was so elusive. That only 15 out of 500 got it right, underscores the term “Medical Practice”. Even with today’s medical advances, diagnostics is still limited (at times) to an educated guess.

  2. td says:

    Obviously it would have helped to know all the symptoms in order to arrive at the correct diagnosis. Clearly “Allen from Holland, PA” would have missed it too ….

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