“Notes from a Healer” — The Widow’s Mite

She was the last patient on my Saturday morning schedule. I groaned silently to myself when I saw the name. This teenage girl had a myriad of major medical problems. As a youngster she had been diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri. With the onset of her menses she developed severe migraine headaches. Nothing seemed to blunt the pain; and subsequently, she got hooked on oxycontin. In the midst of all this she spiraled into a clinical depression and was hospitalized for several weeks.  more»

My latest installment of Notes from a HealerThe Widow’s Mite — is now online, newly published in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an online journal fostering discussion about the culture of medicine, medical care, and experiences of illness. Interested readers can access a list of editorial board members and regular contributors here.


2 comments on ““Notes from a Healer” — The Widow’s Mite

  1. td says:

    In PA, landlords are required to maintain their rental
    units habitable, inside and out, no matter the type of property. Sad that another burden gets placed on folks who live on the margins of society. Amazing that some in that position can rise above their overwhelming circumstances to overcome such difficulties …

  2. Thank you for this marvelous posting. What a rich and remarkably touching encounter. I often don’t understand why/how people survive and even flourish when they encounter such obstacles. And, numerous times, maybe daily, I feel like I see these patients. I always seem to see them at the end of the day. I’m tired and grousing. Somehow, I learn from them, rather than the other way around. They are the worker ants of humanity. Bless them.

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