Cardinal Flowers at Beaver Brook

This morning under cirrus skies
We headed north to Beaver Brook;
We dropped below the giant pines
And searched the wooded nook.

We padded down the forest path
Beneath those towering stately trees;
Unbroken silence met our ears—
The stillness of a frieze.

Then suddenly, there in the wood,
Appearing through a break of brush,
The regiment in scarlet stood
Enshrouded by the hush.

The mossy bank had formed the frame
Of redcoats mustered in the stream,
While darting damsels, undistressed,
Displayed their turquoise sheen.

A still-life frozen in the glen,
A masterwork now on display
For any curious passerby
Who traipsed this August day.


“Cardinal Flowers”©Brian T. Maurer


4 comments on “Cardinal Flowers at Beaver Brook

  1. Art Drescher says:

    Nice picture. Wish I had been the, too, to take pictures.

  2. David Elpern says:

    Great way to start the day! Beautiful word and digital images! Thank you.

  3. Joy Ackerman says:

    I love cardinal flowers, and your poem captures their habitat so well….looks almost like the bend in the stream at Purgatory Brook where I’ve seen them. Will have to hike there this weekend, and see what’s blooming!

  4. td says:

    Great that you can now include photos (for those of us with weak minds).

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