“Notes from a Healer” — Frustrated

These are the days of pediatric practice that try clinicians’ souls.  more»

My latest installment of Notes from a Healer — Frustrated — is now online, newly published in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an online journal fostering discussion about the culture of medicine, medical care, and experiences of illness. Interested readers can access a list of editorial board members and regular contributors here.

One comment on ““Notes from a Healer” — Frustrated

  1. td says:

    You can count on more and more cuts to social safety nets and Human services. We’ve entered a brave new past where politicians take from the poor and give to their corporate masters, at the expense of all but those who control most of the wealth. Billions are spent on election campaigns to elect politicians who will protect the corporate / military welfare machine ruling the country.

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