“Notes from a Healer” — Flu Shot

It was just a short visit for a flu shot. Short and sweet, filled with impromptu reflections on the human condition—something of value that we aren’t taught in our years of training, these seemingly insignificant snippets of conversation that ultimately serve to cultivate caring relationships in medical practice.  more»

My latest installment of Notes from a HealerFlu Shot — is now online, newly published in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an online journal fostering discussion about the culture of medicine, medical care, and experiences of illness. Interested readers can access a list of editorial board members and regular contributors here.


One comment on ““Notes from a Healer” — Flu Shot

  1. td says:

    We can expect to see these kinds of disruptions (power outages, etc.) more and more with increasingly erratic weather patterns, deteriorating infrastructure and red ink budgets. The “Pursuit of Happiness” has been replaced by the pursuit of survival, which has always been the real point of life ….

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