Haiku dog walk

White terrier stands
Head tilted, one brown ear cocked—
Eyeing the black leash.

Ski cap tight, warm gloves
Bulky fleece coat collar zipped—
Door creaks, biting wind!

Titmice perch and peck
Feeder spills, swings to and fro—
Grey squirrel attacks!

Hound dog approaches
Straining at the taut choker—
Vicious snarls exchanged!

Rough coat buries nose
Beneath cinnamon needles—
Organic treasures!

Starlings sit on wires,
A bar of slurred sixteenth notes—
Bird’s eye notation.

Photo eye captures
Afternoon winter debris—
Frozen artifacts.

Stark limbs stretch skyward
Broken branches snapped in two—
Matchsticks on cobalt.

Sudden shot echoes
At wood duck and white water—
Turning tail, dog yaps!

Silver skillet rests
Over open orange flame—
Welcome kitchen warmth.

Copyright 2012 © Brian T. Maurer

"Two Take Flight" 2004 © Barry H. Penchansky, M.D.

2 comments on “Haiku dog walk

  1. David says:

    Great word images
    and nice new header photo
    the dog is your muse

  2. Allan Bedashi says:


    Sounds like a perfect day for a boy and his dog. Vivid descriptions that in my mind’s eye I see as a dance–the movement of the squirrel, the starlings, the hound dog, the terrier, against a background of objects. I’m inspired to write some haiku of my own. Maybe a haiku a day will keep the doctor away!

    As the windmill turns
    in eternal pirouette,
    so life dances on.

    Copyright © Allan M. Bedashi

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