The Old Guitarist

“The Old Guitarist”

You, who have played out
Your song of songs
Over the course of a long life,
Now sit just so,
Caressing the feminine form
In your spent loins,
Short-term memory
Memory no more,
Recalling only
A litany of loves
Lost long ago.
Proteinaceous plaques
Pockmark synaptic pathways
Devoid of roadsigns.
Whole notes give way
To a slurred run of final rest.

2012 © Brian T. Maurer

"The Old Guitarist" by Pablo Picasso, 1903


2 comments on “The Old Guitarist

  1. grand-player says:

    I wrote about a Picasso yesterday. The man inspires. I love your melody.

  2. Allan Bedashi says:

    Smile! Vivid description of a guitarist now waxing in years and waning in ability to play the strings. The connection between the “feminine form” and “spent loins” reveals a very close (intimate) relationship between the guitar and the one who loves her. The “proteinacious plaques” must be the ones occuring in the brain that affect cognition.

    Enjoyed reading this!


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