What do you see?

“Poonam” by Alex Masi © 2009

This photograph of a 7-year-old girl was taken by Alex Masi near her family’s home in Bhopal, India.

Take some time to study it. What do you see?

I see the face of joyful innocence raised to gentle falling rain, hunkered down before a backdrop of filth and poverty.

For me, this one photo captures the condition of the human race.

Study the photo. What do you see?


4 comments on “What do you see?

  1. David Simpson says:

    Well, I do see that — but I’m not sure as to the condition of the human race: I don’t think we offer up any joyful innocence. Wish we did! Dave

  2. td says:

    I see that happiness is where we choose to find it …

  3. --dave says:

    I see rainwater probably being the most potable available there, not that rain is especially clean. So much misery and death, especially of children, worldwide, results from waterborne illness.

    • BTM says:

      Waterborne illnesses certainly take their toll on many children in the developing world.

      In this photo there is also the telltale sign of yet another relatively common condition that strikes malnourished children. Note the swelling at the base of the neck–an enlarged thryroid gland, most likely indicative of thyroid goiter secondary to lack of iodine in the diet.

      I saw untold numbers of similar goiters in children during my recent sojourn in Nigeria.

      How fortunate we are to enjoy relative good health in the Western world. How sad that the majority of the world’s children are condemned to needless suffering.

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