Habemus pabulum

pab·u·lum (pæbyələm)
1. something that nourishes an animal or vegetable organism; food; nutriment
2. material for intellectual nourishment
3. pablum
4. nourishment for body, soul and spirit

The announcement came from the basilica loggia overlooking St. Peter’s Square in Rome last evening. “Habemus Papam!” declared the Cardinal Protodeacon. “We have a Pope!”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, former Cardinal of Buenos Aires, is now Francis I, the first non-European Pope since the 8th century.

Cardinal Bergoglio is described as a true intellectual by virtue of his Jesuit education, as well as a defender of the poor. A humble man, Bergoglio lived in a small Buenos Aires apartment, did his own cooking, and rode the bus to work. He is said to have washed the feet of AIDS sufferers while a bishop in Argentina.

In presenting himself to the crowds at St. Peter’s, Francis humbly bowed and asked the people to pray for him.

Perhaps Francis might be the one who, like his servant leader namesake, by example of simplicity and humility, could be instrumental in recapturing the hearts and minds of the common people.


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