My last day

On this, my last day,
After 20 years in this practice
I saw 31 patients,
Administered 19 immunizations,
Counseled 4 distraught parents,
Reassured 17 mothers,
Praised 3 new fathers,
Called in 8 prescriptions,
Reviewed 14 laboratory studies,
Signed 9 daycare forms
And 6 school exam forms,
Completed 5 authorizations for medication,
Ran 4 rapid group A strep tests
(3 of which were positive),
Explained 25 times why I was leaving,
Ate a piece of homemade carrot cake,
Emptied out the contents of my desk,
Watered the dying peace plant,
Hauled my files, books, notepads,
Cards and gifts (2 bow ties)
Out to my car,
Slammed the tailgate shut,
Climbed into the driver’s seat,
Adjusted the belt and harness,
Inserted the key,
Hit the ignition switch,
Slipped the car in gear
And rolled across the parking lot,
Forgiving a betrayal
Without looking back.

15 November 2013

2013©Brian T. Maurer

4 comments on “My last day

  1. --dave says:

    Wishing you well in your next endeavors, and pleased though not surprised to see healthy forgiveness by such a dedicated health care provider. Keep up the Good Work, and keen observation!

  2. Td says:

    I’m just glad it wasn’t really your “Last Day” …

  3. Kathy (Kapp) Miller says:

    Best wishes wherever your new path leads you

  4. Skip says:


    Moving on while standing tall, doing what you and so many others love… or have loved.


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