­­¡Que Peña!

Several days after returning from a summer sojourn in Spain, my wife handed me a bound volume entitled “Dietario 1993.” It turned out to be a daybook that she discovered in an old house in Santa Marta, previously owned by members of the extended family of one Vicente Peña, a published poet, now deceased for some years.

The diary contains any number of poems that Peña crafted on specific days in certain locales. They are sporadically numbered, almost as though he were organizing them to appear in a published volume.

Peña wrote under the pseudonym “Ortiga.” Here is an example of one of his spontaneous drafts, handwritten in the first page of the diary. (My translation follows.)


duerme el mar
mi corazon
lo despierta la brisa
algo sucede
en mi alma…
tu no estás
llama el frio
en mi ventana
y al amanecer
cuando te espero
en la luz del alba,
tu música
de rosa y mar
me lastima
con dulce calma.

[Escrito] en mi casa de Ortigueira, 01 Enero 1993

V. Peña (Ortiga)


the sea sleeps
my heart rests…
the breeze awakens her
something stirs
in my soul…
you are gone
the cold wind
calls at my window
and at break of day
when I wait for you
in the light of dawn,
your music
of roses and sea
pricks me
with a sweet calm.

01 January 1993

I have no idea if these poems were ever published. From a cursory reading, I can attest to their poignant beauty.

What a treasure, this book! It will be a delight to peruse its contents!

2014 Vicente Peña 9-8-2014 001


One comment on “­­¡Que Peña!

  1. David says:

    “Then felt you like some watcher of the skies/When a new planet swims into your ken! How exciting! You can be these poems’ midwife. I look forward to reading more of them.” D

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