When the art of medicine becomes business as usual

It’s Saturday morning, the last day of my 6-day workweek. Twelve hours have elapsed since I finished my previous shift at the after-hours care center. I step in through the front door, valise in hand, to find my assistant seated behind the reception desk. “How does it look?” I ask him.

“Ten appointments so far,” he says, “last one at 10:30 a.m.”

I do a quick mental calculation — roughly 9 minutes allotted for each patient. And there’s no telling how many additional walk-ins might show up over the course of the morning. more»

Interested readers can now access my latest Art of Medicine column — When the art of medicine becomes business as usual — recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

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Snow Ghosts

Morning snowflakes dapple
Gnarled naked branches
Then cascade down,
Deluging the landscape
In white.

I clear the driveway,
Move the car,
Shovel again;
Step inside,
Now numb from cold.

At noon the wind whips up
Over frozen fallow fields:
Snow ghosts
Suddenly rise and swirl
Above rows of cornstalk stubble—

Phantoms form,
Dart, dash, drive—
Then dissipate
Into a windbreak
Of winter trees.


2015©Brian T. Maurer