In the pauses

“Only in the pauses between things, in the brief contemplative spaces of just being, can we catch a glimpse of love itself.”
Gerald G. May, The Awakened Heart

I was up early this morning, clearing the overnight snowfall from the driveway in anticipation of the next storm, which is slated to start tonight and continue through Monday into Tuesday morning. The NOAA site is predicting 8 to 14 inches for our area.

The streets in the village have taken on the appearance of Olympic luge runs, with snow piled high on either side; the surrounding wooded hills sit in sentinel silence, dusted with confectionery sugar.

As I herringboned the driveway with the snow shovel, a gaggle of Canada geese passed by low overhead. You could hear their wings beating the air, and for several seconds the sporadic honking was deafening. I paused to watch them melt into the morning greyness of sky, thankful for a minute of rest before resuming my Sisyphean task.

The long winter of our discontent is not without its moments of common grace.


One comment on “In the pauses

  1. Scott Williams says:

    Very nice article, Brian. That’s actually one task we haven’t had to deal with this winter. While central and northern Ohio have gotten heavy snow falls, here in Cincinnati it is well below average.

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