Typewriters and tools

Fifty years on I can still effortlessly conjure up a mental image of the old black Underwood typewriter that sat in my boyhood home. My father had acquired it second-hand during his college years; and in his chosen profession he still put it to good use. more»

Interested readers can now peruse my latest Musings blogTechnological tools still require thought — at the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA) website.

JAAPA is the official publication of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.


One comment on “Typewriters and tools

  1. Bill Harris says:

    Although I have generally divested myself of aging bits of technology (the half-life of each having rapidly diminished), I have retained my 1969 version of the Smith Corona “Classic 12” manual typewriter that I used throughout college. Yes — with carbon paper and Wite-Out. I am not a Luddite who fails to revel in the miracles of the word processor on a daily basis

    I am surprised and a bit alarmed that an apparently increasing proportion of young people does not know how to touch type. Thumbs and videos may be supplanting fingers. More’s the pity. Even people who can spell and employ traditional grammar (like me) are a vanishing breed.

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