The Art of Medicine: A distant close encounter

I glance at the encounter form and step into the examination room. A young boy sits on the examination table. A man, presumably his father, stands off to the side by the back window, chatting on his smartphone. more»

Interested readers can now access my latest Art of Medicine column — A distant close encounter — recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Please note that all of my previously published Art of Medicine pieces can now be accessed here.


3 comments on “The Art of Medicine: A distant close encounter

  1. daverls54 says:


    It was as much fun to read as to hear.\




  2. Mike Rudzinski says:

    I enjoyed your recent article in JAAPA, “A Distant close encounter”.
    I Iook forward to your articles, and I’m left pondering after reading them.
    Please keep up the great work your efforts are greatly appreciate.

    I was going to simply write this comment and praise on your efforts to JAAPA, but it seemed like a lot of effort to just write a simple statement.
    If you have any connections with them, they could make writing to the editor a lot easier. But, then again maybe JAAPA doesn’t want to make it easier. well

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