About Brian T. Maurer

Brian T. Maurer has practiced pediatric medicine as a Physician Assistant for the past three decades. As a clinician, he has always gravitated toward the humane aspect in patient care—what he calls the soul of medicine.

Over the past decade, Mr. Maurer has explored the illness narrative as a tool to enhance the education of medical students and cultivate an appreciation for the delivery of humane medical care. His first book, Patients Are a Virtue, a collection of fifty-seven patient vignettes suitable for the medical professional and lay reader alike, was recently noted in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Mr. Maurer has served on the editorial board of two online open-access journals dedicated to promoting the medical humanities and humane medical practice: Dermanities and Cell2Soul. He currently serves as section editor for Humane Medicine in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Mr. Maurer has published numerous vignettes, editorials and essays in both national and international journals, and writes a monthly column, “Notes from a Healer,” for The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine. His “Marginal Notes” column appears regularly in the pages of the Cell2Soul Blog.

Mr. Maurer and his wife of thirty-five years have raised their four children in a small hamlet in New England.

4 comments on “About Brian T. Maurer

  1. buffchic says:

    I am so excited to find your blog and your writing. What a wonderful writer you are! I have always been a humanities person in the sciences (or vice versa), having started out in the MFA fiction program at Columbia with a science background. My daughter is a poet in Los Angeles. I think she picked up where I left off with writing.

    I am very interested in the integration of the humanities into medicine and how we treat patients. Art has so much to do with observation and understanding and appreciating the person. And what better way to make this powerful, than by bringing it to bear on the care of patients. My current focus of providing care for elderly and sick family members in my home has brought this into even sharper focus as I interact with their caregivers and supervise their daily care from hospice nurses, aides etc.

    Thank you for writing! I can’t wait to read more of your work.

  2. Lauren Connelly, PA-C says:

    Thank you for your blog post regarding the hostile parent whose delicate feelings were hurt by your innocuous question regarding firearms in the home. I’ve noticed no gun owner considers him or herself to be anything other than responsible–just like something like 80% of drivers consider their skills “above average–” but clearly, mistakes are made and miscalculations occur. I feel sad for the little girl made to feel uncomfortable in the presence of somebody (you) only trying to preserve her safety from accidents–on bicycles AND at other times.

  3. npark79 says:

    Your blog posts were one of the first ones to inspire me to create my own blog. Thank you for your perspective and beautiful writing. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please stop by to check out how to accept the award: https://tellitslantmama.wordpress.com/the-liebster-award/. I’m really looking forward to your answers.
    Happy blogging!

  4. […] Read his rebuttal of Pullum here: 50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice: a rebuttal. […]

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