Thought to Thought

Energy transfer.

Carbohydrates, digested and absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, broken down to glucose, fuel for the human body.  Only glucose powers the human brain—food for thought, as it were.

Neurotransmitters diffuse across synaptic gaps, completing circuits—biochemical thoughts.

Thoughts: ideas, concepts, questions, solutions, formed in cerebral grey matter, transmitted through the pons to the spinal cord, anterior horn cell, nerve root, peripheral nerve, neuromotor junction, muscle—twitch, and twitch again.

Fingertips fly, propelled by kinetic energy, punching buttons on a keyboard, stringing symbols in rows of lines—symbolic thoughts, electromagnetic energy transmitted instantaneously at the speed of light.

In a galaxy far, far way—Arizona, perhaps; Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Spain, or South Korea—photons fly across a flat screen, producing light symbols, the same symbols in rows of lines, the same symbolic thoughts.

Photons fly and strike the rods and cones of another human retina, triggering biochemical impulses transferred via the optic nerve to the occipital lobe of another human brain—reception of thoughts, ideas, concepts, emotions, problems, solutions—the stuff of life.

Energy transfer; lickety-split—thought to thought—via biochemical and electromagnetic channels.

Cosmic communication: the stuff of electrons.