Aeolian ice harps

With today’s high just above freezing, I set out on a mid-day jaunt about the village, determined to shake off the winter doldrums and stretch my legs.

A thin veil of snow carpeted the landscape below a brilliant blue sky. Down at the great bend in the river a gaggle of Canada geese sounded spontaneous greetings to others in flight overhead, while a pair of Mallards paddled quietly near the entrance to Pickerel Cove. Further downstream, two Mergansers rode the swift current before rounding up into an eddy swirling by the far bank.

The river had dropped appreciably over the past several days, leaving intricate ice formations on debris along the water’s edge. I snapped these photos of aeolian ice harps poised for an afternoon concert.

Moon rise over snow-capped mountains

"Moon Rise" 2013 © Brian T. Maurer

“Moon Rise” 2013 © Brian T. Maurer

The mid-day sun shone over the mounds of snow piled beside the driveway, throwing an irregular blue shadow across the thin blanket of snow on the tarmac.

As the sun climbed higher, the edge of the snow blanket melted away, leaving a narrow residue of white in the sunlight.

I snapped the photograph, turned it on its end and voilà— “Moon Rise over Snow-capped Mountains.”