Anecdote of the Jar

"Claytonia virginica" 2014©Brian T. Maurer

“Claytonia virginica” 2014©Brian T. Maurer

In the woods I stumbled upon a cluster of these delicate spring beauties (Claytonia virginica) juxtaposed with a cache of empty bottles.  The still life captured by the camera brought to mind the Wallace Stevens poem “Anecdote of the Jar.”

"Spring Beauties" 2014©Brian T. Maurer

“Spring Beauties” 2014©Brian T. Maurer

Anecdote of the Jar
By Wallace Stevens

I placed a jar in Tennessee,
And round it was, upon a hill.
It made the slovenly wilderness
Surround that hill.

The wilderness rose up to it,
And sprawled around, no longer wild.
The jar was round upon the ground
And tall and of a port in air.

It took dominion everywhere.
The jar was gray and bare.
It did not give of bird or bush,
Like nothing else in Tennessee.