We’ve come a long way, baby!

PA: a post-modern acronym devised to denote a select group of highly trained top-notch healthcare professionals groomed to provide state-of-the-art compassionate care in collaboration with practicing physicians, upholding the vision to restore the practice of medicine to its prior place of unselfish service to humankind.

The January 2012 issue of AAP News (Volume 33, No. 1) carries a front-page article about PAs as key members of the team model of care in pediatric offices.  Chris Barry, PA-C, is highlighted as the medical liaison from the AAPA to the AAP.  Jack Percelay, M.D., AAP liaison to the Accreditation Review Commission of Education for the Physician Assistant, describes PAs as having “a collaborative working relationship with physicians.”

Like their pediatric patients, PAs have demonstrated tremendous growth and development over the past three decades.  As bona fide clinicians now recognized and welcomed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, we’ve come a long way, baby.  more»