Black friday

(Author’s note: This is a short addendum to my November 27th post.)

We got the call Friday afternoon, the day after Thanksgiving, from our neighbor across the street.

Earlier that morning a hiker had passed through the park, saw Mike’s tent and hailed him. There was no answer.

Our neighbor had taken his dog to the park that afternoon for a run. By then the entrance was littered with emergency vehicles parked in the frozen snow. When he saw the police cars our neighbor told the men that he knew Mike. “Maybe I can convince him to come out,” he said. “He might talk to me.”

The policemen shook their heads. “Mike’s not talking to anyone now,” one said.

The cause of death was uncertain. Evidently, Mike was diabetic. Obviously, he drank. Temperatures had plummeted to well below freezing the night before.

Anyway you look at it, it was a tough way to go out.