“The Surge” republished

The problems are three in number. Two are skin deep; the third lies deeper…

Originally published in Dermanities online (October 7th, 2008; 5(3)), The Surge has been republished in the fall issue of the Journal of Dermatology for Physician Assistants (JDPA), Volume 7, Number 4, page 55.

Interested readers can also access this piece here.

Getting to the bottom of it

Next month this boy will celebrate his 18th birthday and segue into young adulthood. Despite that fact, he’s here with his father today, mostly for moral support, I suspect. Even though I’ve known him since he was a newborn infant, at his age he’s a bit uncomfortable discussing his medical problem: a pain in the bottom.

Read the remainder of this adventure in the skin trade, A Pain in the Bottom, in the Online Journal of Community and Person-Centered Dermatology, a free, post-publication peer-reviewed, full text, open-access, online publication that addresses all aspects of skin disease that concern patients, their families, and practitioners.

“Notes from a Healer” — Our Daily Bread

The boy’s face turns red. He’s a chubby youngster of ten, that age when most kids are somewhat embarrassed about their bodies. more»

My latest installment of Notes from a HealerOur Daily Bread — is now online, newly published in the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine is an online journal fostering discussion about the culture of medicine, medical care, and experiences of illness. Interested readers can access a list of editorial board members and regular contributors here.

Humane Medicine — In pediatrics, everything starts small

In pediatrics, things start small, then grow and develop. Like all things in pediatrics, the lesion that appeared on this child’s calf had started small as well. more»

Interested readers can now access my latest Humane Medicine column — Growth and development: In pediatrics, everything starts small — recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.