Last month our editor initiated a rotating blog on the website of our national publication, the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.  Editorial board members were invited to send in pieces for posting to allow regular readers and subscribers a chance to glimpse the musings of a cross-section of those representing the Physician Assistant profession.

Today my contribution — Front Porch Reflections — has been posted.  Interested readers can access it here.

Over the years it’s been good discipline for me as a writer to generate weekly postings for my WordPress blog: challenging, stimulating and educational too.  One of the beauties of the internet is the ability to link information and ideas across the web.  Articles serving to clarify concepts become instantaneously accessible.  Blog entries can be linked as well.

Here I would like to put forward the concept of the polyblog.  Polyblogs — any number of blogs composed by a single author, or one particular blog with multiple contributors — are becoming ubiquitous across the web.

Like pollywogs in a vernal pool, polyblogs proliferate abundantly.  Some might grow into mature blogs, while others may fall by the wayside and perish — natural selection at work.